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Did the Upcoming Series “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” Not Have Much Action Scenes?

Marvel, as the greatest cinematic universe is expanding continuously. With constant collaborations with renowned directors, it has an ever-increasing reach.

The newest show on the block is The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Marvel is steadily venturing into the world of TV series.

The Plot of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Series is a direct continuation from Avengers Endgame. The aftermath of the events has left everyone shocked.

We see Anthony Mackie, Falcon taking up the role of defender. There have been conjectures that he is the next Captain America. Rumors spread after seeing Chris Rogers handing him the vibranium shield.

But Falcon’s suite suggests that he is staying true to this character. On the other hand, we see Sebastian Stan, The Winter Soldier return. His popularity in the Marvel Universe is unparalleled.

Helmut Zemo, first seen in Captain America First Avenger returns as the villain.

Use of Minimum CGI for Action Sequences

Action sequences have been one of the prime pillars around which the movies have revolved. In this movie however, directors have confirmed that there will be minimum CGI used.

Original fight scenes are slated to be shot in real locations. A group of martial artists was hired for expert advice.

Fans are thrilled after hearing this news. They would get to see their favorite actors perform live stunts on screen.

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