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Did the Hunter Season 2 Is Renewed? and Know About Plot of the Show

The first season of Hunters was released on Amazon Prime. Fans started to crave for Hunters season 2 right after the first season. Hunters received average to good reviews. The show is currently rated 63% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Hunter Season 2: What is the show about?

The show is not specifically about any real individuals. It revolves around a bunch of real Nazi hunters who were around the decades of the last century after the world war.

The show depicts a bunch of these hunters in the 70s in New York. They discover that some criminals are trying to create the Fourth Reich in United States itself. The Fourth Reich could lead the world into another war.

What will be the plot of Hunters season 2?

After the show’s season 1 ended on a big note, the next one will continue from there. The show suffered from a lot of controversy. So, we can guess that this time, they will try to not do something controversial.

We can expect a clash between the two task forces. Since Hitler made a cameo in the last episode of season one, we can expect to see some more of him. We can also expect to see some more backstory on the main characters.

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When is Hunters season 2 coming?

Amazon, for some shows, announces the renewal pretty quick. They even do it before one season ends. We can’t say for sure as to when is Hunters season 2 will be released. We can surely assume that there would have been some problems in the production due to the pandemic. It would have halted the production or the post production of season 2.

There is a high possibility that season two could be out during the second or third quarter of 2021. It depends on Amazon’s methods of production and the status of the worldwide pandemic.

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