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Did Kim Jong Die? as a Rumour Spread About Is Dead as per Source

The media in Japan and Taiwan have come up with reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has died. Social media is full of claims and speculation that Kim Jong Un had died. The claims came after a senior official at a Beijing-backed satellite TV channel came up with news about his death. The Vice director of Hong Kong Satellite Television released on her Weibo account about the Kim Jong died. Shijian Xingzou is the niece of a Chinese foreign minister.

Though this news has not been confirmed by the North Korean government. Earlier in this week, a South Korean site published news according to which Kim Jong Un condition was very serious after the cardiac surgery he had gone through. On Friday a Japanese newspaper Shukan Gendai reported that Kim Jong Un was in “vegetative state”. On Saturday South China Morning News has reported that China has sent a team of medical experts to North Korea to save the life of Kim Jong Un.

Many English and Korean newspaper has confirmed that Kim Jong Un has not been seen in public since April 11, but none of them has confirmed his death. Many of the Korea Central News Agency and the state news agency of North Korea have condemned the news of the death of their leader though they didn’t reveal anything about his current location. The North Korea media continue to report about achievements of Kim and continue to praise him.

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The speculation started after Kim Jong Un was not present at the celebration which marks the birthday of his grandfather and country’s founder Kim Il Sung. The U.S. intelligence sources and South Korean media have reported that the military activity and political activity in North Korea does not show any sign of the death of Kim Jong Un. On Friday Donald Trump called CNN reports of the death of Kim Jong Un completely false and said that he is not gravely ill and is old news. He said that he has a good relations with Kim Jong Un and he hopes that Kim Jong Un is fine.