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Destiny 2: new updates are exciting

Destiny 2 was released on 6th September 2017 it’s a video game .it’s mostly played on Play Station 4 ,Xbox &Microsoft windows and it is online freely available game and can be played online directly as well . this is of the top booming game with the amazing rates  8.5/10. It is mainly preferred by all the age group  as features are easily understandable.

You must know

  • It’s developed by Bungie , directed by Christopher Barrett, Luke Smith, Ryan Ellis.
  • Produced by Patrick O’Kelly.
  • Designed by Del Chafe III, E. Chung, Tyson Green, Sage Merrill, Chris Opdalh, James Tsai
  • Artist : Shiek Wang, Michael Zak
  • Written by Jason Harris, Christine Thompson
  • Composed by Michael Salvatori, Skye Lewin, C Paul Johnson

New update and changes

  • More shooter space
  • Multiple player which allows new player to play with pros and make it more challenging
  • Addition of new equipments
  • Allows you to toss around
  • Arcstrider ability
  • Best of story description
  • Guided games fixed with some cool inventions
  • Weapon are now divided on different based and provide huge variations
  • 6 battles, 3 on 3 counter
  • Updated look of four world Earth, Io, Titan and Nessus
  • 60 frames per second

Guys do go any update your game now it’s a real fun as well as updated app will keep you secure.

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Oh ya ! remember to switch yourself on destiny 2 from Destiny 1. I know you won’t believe me and will try to prove me wrong on the point if i say destiny 2 is better than destiny 1. But guys trust be game is changed after update it way more exploring fun and try it, now it’s time to become friendly with Destiny 2 . After all how long you will go with old version.