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Derry Girls Season 3 and Release Date, Cast, Plot, Other Updates and Where Have the Teachers Gone?

After a ton of rumours and long waiting, we will finally get to see Derry Girls season 3. The third season will be out sooner than we think. Derry Girls is a sitcom and its first season released in January 2018.

The location in the sitcom is Northern Ireland during the 1990s. Second season came out in March 2019. Both the seasons received positive reviews by the audience. It is really a teen drama containing clever twists.

When Will Derry Girls Season 3 Release?

The creators have not really announced an official release date. However, we can say for certain that season three is on its way. It was officially announced last year. Its renewal has been confirmed. Derry Girls is supposed to be out during May 2020. We can’t say for sure if it will happen during May. The ongoing pandemic might become a reason for the delay.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Derry Girls Season 3?

No information has been revealed regarding the upcoming season having new characters. However, we can say that there might be new faces. Who know what will happen?

The main characters will return for sure. For instance, Kathy Kiera Clarke, Louisa Harland, Sorys-Monica Jackson will be back as Aunt Sarah, Orla McCool and Erin Quinn respectively. We will also see more of other characters.

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What Will Be the Plot of Derry Girls Season 3?

The story for the upcoming season will continue where it left after season two. There were several pointers during the end of season two which lead to believe this assumption.

There are some rumours that this might be the final season of Derry Girls. Fans were pretty bummed and worried about this. No confirmation has been made by the creators regarding this rumour. No one know whether the show will be renewed for season four our not.

Where Have the Teachers Gone?

We only saw Sister Michael teaching the students at the end of the season. Where have the teachers gone? We might get to see this mystery solved in the third season. We all want to know about this.

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