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Den of Thieves 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Update

Den of thieves is a very popular series of thieves and has earned a lot after its release. Everyone is fascinated about robbery especially a well-planned robbery which involves skills and tactics and the robbery which is not an easy target. Den of thieves is also all about these types of robberies.

Director -Christian Gudegast

The sequel for the series has been announced by the director after the release of the first season, but after that announcement, there was nothing much movement on it.

No doubt guest is a well-known director. And audiences always demand his things. He is very excited about the den of thieves 2, he is inspired by many series.

The storyline of Den of thieves:

Den of thieves 2 has a trip to Europe. Gudegast is ready with its team.

In the den of thieves, we have seen that the unit of sheriffs department in Los Angeles aka LA, a group of ex-military men has used all their practical knowledge, tactical skills to break the law. We will see Butler in Den of Thieves 2 also.

Who will we saw in den of thieves 2:

Den of thieves 2 has got inspired by the Antwerp diamond exchange heist of 2003 and will revolve around two main casting characters from the first film: Donnie who is on the run and being hunted by Nick O’Brien.

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What do we know about Den of thieves 2:

This time it is going to be in Europe and it will be all about Big Nick hunting Donnie who indulges in the heist of diamond and he will join hands with pink panther mafia. Director has himself revealed that this den of thieves 2 will have more twists and turns and will be more surprising for the audience. The audience will definitely enjoy the Den of thieves 2.

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