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Demons and death slayer season 2 Some Details about the Demons Slayer

Demons slayer is an organization that prevents humans from demons in ancient times. Demons slayer was one of the most popular anime of 2019, adapted from the manga of the same name. The anime is all about the Tanjirou Kamado and his demonic sister Nezuko’s strike up for a mission of revenge against the demons who slaughtered his family. The season is historical, full of action, and supernatural.

The season is well-known for its animation and a decent plot.  The Ufotable studio takes charge of the animations. In 2018 it was revealed by the studio that the demon slayer manga is getting amine adaption soon, and after some time, demon slayer made its way out.

Story of the Demon slayer:

After the death of Tanjirou Kamado’s father, he takes the responsibility to support his family. Even if they were living in a remote mountain, and still, they were living their lives in happiness and peace.

One day Tanjirou decides to make a little money by selling charcoal in the neighboring village. When is coming back to his home night falls forced Tanjirou to stay in a stranger’s house, where he warns Tanjirou about the flesh-eating demons, who lay in wait at night in the woods. After reaching the home the next day he saw that his family was destroyed by the demons, and the only survivor is his sister Tezuka, who is now a bloodthirsty demon.

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The cast of the Demon Slayer

NatsukiHanae as Tanjirō Kamado.

AkariKitō as Nezuko Kamado.

Hiro Shimono as ZenitsuAgatsuma.

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as InosukeHashibira.

Satoshi Hino as KyōjurōRengoku.

About Season 2:

Demons slayer season attained so much popularity among his fans, so they decided to release season 2 of Demon Slayer. Now Ufotable released, the trailer of the Upcoming movie, of demon slayer. The second season, of the Demon Slayer, will be released after the movie.