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Demolition Man Easter Eggs All You Need to Know About the Trend

Demolition Man is a SciFi action movie released on October 8, 1993. The movie has a popular star cast including Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes in the lead role. The iconic movie marked the directorial debut of Marco Brambilla and soon he was shot into fame following its success. Its been a long 27 years since we last saw the future of the city of San Angeles in the movie.

The Plot of Demolition Man

The plot features a cop named spartan and a thug named Phoenix who were put in the state CryoPrison. They woke up after 36 years and it is 2032 by then. But the violent thug Phoenix is again on the loose and Spartan must team with another cop named Lenina to arrest the killer.

To get you all nostalgic we have revisited the film for you and picked out some of the easter eggs from the film. Read on to know some of the unknown fun facts of Demolition Man that you might have overlooked back in the day.

Easter Eggs from Demolition Man

  • If you remember the opening scene which showed LA in great disorder, which was no doubt very original for a film, viewers were left wondering about its originality. The movies were shot just six months after the LA riots were over in 1992.
  • The villain of the film, Weasely Snipes did not want to be part of the film at first. Director Brambilla and the producer, Joel Silver went to the set while he was busy shooting Rising Sun, to convince him to take the part. However, the first choice for the role of Snipes was Jackie Chan who turned down the request because he simply did not want to be a bad guy. 
  • All the futuristic cars seen in the movie were given by General Motors that included the concept model Ultralite. 
  • Lorry Petty was the first choice for Huxley but later on, the role was given to Sandra Bullock because it wasn’t working for the director.
  • The hall of violence museum showed the actual photos of the LA riots in 1992.
  • Demolition Man is the first movie to be filmed in the LA Convention Center after it got rebuilt in the 90s.
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