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Deepak Chopra’s Global Meditation Event Crashes Vimeo Server After That Livestream Move to Facebook Live

Call may be a sign of the days. Deepak Chopra’s global meditation livestream event Sunday drew too many of us into a cluster that it crashed the web site, forcing a last-minute reschedule. Per the wellness leader, 1,000,000 people tried logging on to his global meditation livestream that it caused the web site to crash.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter before the event, Chopra said the thought and therefore the partnership with The Well “grew out of a sense I’ve had long before the COVID-19 crisis, a sense that global disruption must be countered by global community.” Thereon note, he opened Sunday’s mantra-based meditation with the reminder that “every crisis features a creative solution and each adversity contains the seeds of an ingenious opportunity.”

What Does the Well’s Website Tries To Find Out?

But rather than social distancing, Chopra said it had been thanks to the sheer number of prospective participants that had logged onto The Well’s website trying to find peace amid a worldwide coronavirus pandemic, so organizers switched platforms from a Vimeo-supported stream to Facebook Live.

When Did He Close The Meditation Program?

He closed the meditation by telling viewers to “anchor yourselves.” As of Monday, there have been quite 185,000 views on Facebook Live for the video. Chopra announced the news just now when he went live, just after 9 a.m. PT. We were hoping for 1,000,000 people and indeed we expect we had them,” Chopra said of the large number of users, which another source said was within the many thousands.

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