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Deathloop Announced and Its Confirmed to Arrive on PS5

With the launch of PlayStation 5, there has been an array of games that have been announced to be launched. This exciting new addition to the already mesmerizing collection of PlayStation modules just adds to its glory. This new model however comes with a dual toggle Dual Sense Controller. This definitely gives you age over players who are using emulators for gaming purposes. And the exciting part is that Arkane is going to launch a new game for PlayStation 5. It has been titled Deathloop.

Deathloop: Storyline

This is a game with a truly engaging storyline. The character you play is that of Colt. He is a resident in the island of Blackreef. Colt is perfectly trained in combat and other forms of weaponry and warfare. He gets up every day and performs the same thing again and again for survival. It is soon realized that the entire island is running on a loop. Every event is repeating itself on a continuous basis. This activity is being monitored by eight individual entities who were responsible for creating this loop. Your mission as Colt is very simple. You will have to infiltrate the houses and designated locations of these individuals. Then you have to assassinate them as discreetly as possible. But this task of yours won’t be that easy. AEON is a program that has been installed to maintain the safety and integrity of the loop. You are on top of their hit list and you are being portrayed as a Mercenary. Since they possess superior guns and other melee weapons you will have to negate them successfully in order to complete your mission. Once you break the loop, the island will return to normalcy.

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Deathloop: Colt vs Julianna

Another interesting storyline is formed at the midst of all this. As you are halfway into the story, there enters a new character called Julianna. A mercenary by profession, her sole objective is to keep the loop safe and thus kill you. You can toggle at your controller and change your character of play from Colt to Julianna. This is an interesting feature added to the game. Along with that, there comes exquisite scenic beauty of the locations with enthralling graphic display. This open-world game is sure to rake in dollars for the gaming house.

Deathloop: Where Is It Available?

Deathloop will initially be available only for the users of PlayStation 5.