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Death of American Actor and Comedian Jerry Stiller Died Reveal by Son Ben Stiller

On Monday the headlines read, Jerry Tiller passed away. This legendary comedian and actor was famously known for his role in Seinfeld. He was 92 years of age. Survived by his son, famous American actor and director Ben Stiller. Ben took to Twitter to announce that his father was no more.

Jerry Stiller: Early Life

Jerry began his career starring in serious parallel movies like Taking of Pelham One Two Three. He had also starred in John Waters throwback movie called Hairspray. Along with his wife, he had written a lot of comic screenplay and sketches. A popular comedian of his time, he was widely regarded and loved for his sense of humor. Ben Stiller his son had also grown up to become a very popular actor and director. Jerry had actually assisted his son in one of his greatest creations Zoo landers. He regularly used to help out his son with matters concerning the script of a particular movie.

Jerry Stiller: Notable Works

Stiller Senior rose to extreme popularity after he started appearing on Seinfeld. He played the character of Frank, George Costanza’s mentally deranged father. That role earned him a lot of accolades. Winning a primetime Emmy for best performance in a comic role was one of the highlights of his career. Following his stint at Seinfeld, he also appeared in period feature King of the Queen’s. His performance there was equally appreciated as well.

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Jerry Stiller: What did Ben Stiller have to say about him?

It was Ben who revealed through Twitter on Monday that his father was no more. Jerry was 92 years old and died of natural causes. Ben said that Jerry had been a great father and a grandfather in their family. He had supported his mother for the last 62 years. Ben also said that it was his father who he consulted on the matters of seeking advice. He was a constant source of inspiration and strength for the family. His passing away would leave a major hole. We all hope that this fine actor’s soul rests in peace.