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Death Note (Season 2): Is Light Yagami Return or NOT??

It has been more than 10years since Death Note season 1 has been released and OMG!! A most awaited news is streaming that SEASON 2 will be released. This is really the most awaited news for the die heart fans of this anime whose influence still can be seen in the anime world. With this huge fan popularity around, Netflix can not help it out to be away from such a lively version of it.

If you have seen the amazing and thrilling season 1 of this anime, then you must be knowing the related fact about it and how dramatically the conclusion of this zesty anime was.

About the Death Note season 2:-

In Death Note season 2, we will see that the new legacy of the character L ( detective).

We are also gonna see how the world has been affected by the action of Kira and maybe a new Death Note. It is basically the investigation vs. crime animation. 

We will see that again; Death Note is dropped down by the Shinigami Ryuk to a school going boy Tanaka. The boy seems to be very happy about the marks he got in an IQ test as we were getting first for three years continuously. The boy got frightened by seeing Ryuk just behind him, who asks about what is IQ test and told that nobody could see me except you and the people who touched the Death Note.

Now Tanaka says him to go then and come after two years; then he will give him an apple and take death Note and be the next shinigami. After two years, when Ryuk came, Tanaka told him to sell the book for a certain sum of money in Sakura tv station. They went there and told to do as they say. And the camera didn’t catch them as they gave the news and went underground. 

Agents thoughts that the buyer of the book will the new shinigami, and I will catch him. Again Ryuk returns and says to read the message in front of the camera. 

Everybody wants to have that book at any cost as they could get the power of everything that they want. This news spread like a fire all over the world. Every country wants to have it as it could give immense power and make the country the most powerful. Governments were ready to give a huge amount of money for that notebook.

It was given to the American government by Ryuk for 100 trillion dollars. But Ryuk told that Japan people would be given money for which it was sold(100 trillion dollars), and the book will be given to the American government. It would be given to the People whose age is less than 60 years. People were very happy as 1 million people would be getting 10 million each.

And as Ryuk gives the American government the Book, he told that if he(American government) took the book, he has to die else return the book to Ryuk. And Ryuk took the book with himself. American government chose his life over the book and announced that we received the book but can’t open it.

How can we see Death Note?

Hey, hey !! This is the news for Death Note with English dub, which is available on the Amazon Prime app and also streaming on the Netflix app with Japanese audio originally and English subtitles.

Main Characters of the Death Note:-

Light Yagami , Ryuk , Near , L , Mello , Misa Amane , Teru Mikami


Fictional and main protagonist character of the 

series of manga Death Note who finds the Death Note, which allows the user to slaughter anyone knowing their name and their respective face too. He eventually used that death Note to slaughter, anyone, by masterminding it and worldwide known as Kira, which was dropped down by shinigami Ryuk.


He is a nameless, highly talented, and highly esteemed consulting detective internationally.

He has got a reputation for solving critical crime cases.

They are considered as worldwide as best detective. 


Fictional character in this amazing anime who drops down Death Note, a notebook which allows the user to slaughter anyone very simply just by knowing their name and their respective faces, into the world of humanity in order to have relief themselves from boredom.

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