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Death Cause of “Perfectly Healthy” a 16 Year Old Boy Dies Who Loved Photography and Video Games

COVID 19 has managed to take a huge toll on our very Earth. Having caused from a virus that can be found in wild animals, this disease has brought the planet to its knees.

According to reports, the virus roots back to a wet market in Wuhan province of China which is notorious for the sale of exotic wild animals for consumption purposes in very unhygienic conditions.

Once the infection spread, there was no coming back.

Maintaining social distancing, regular hand washing, consumption of healthy and protein-rich food has been the mantra to beat this disease.

But, has it been enough? Ask 16-year old Andre’s mother Dawn Guest.

What Happened?

The US that has been an unusually high number of infection rates in the recent past has been staggering with the disease.

The very healthy 16-year old boy Andre Guest was a seemingly normal boy with a seemingly normal life.

He was having a normal life with no kinds of symptoms whatsoever. But the morning of April 16 turned out to be fatal for the boy who fell ill so suddenly that no one could believe it.

Andre’s mother who is a nurse took special care about her hygiene. The mother of three cleaned up every time she came home from duty.

So, how Andre got the infection was beyond comprehension.

The symptoms for the boy started as him falling down in the washroom. Later he was unable to talk properly with slurry speech and had a lot the ability of hand-eye coordination.

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The kid was quickly rushed to ten hospitals. After two rounds of detection tests, was he finally diagnosed with COVID 19. But, till the time he was formally diagnosed, the boy had already developed Type 1 Diabetes and was struggling for his life.

He also experienced organ failure with his kidneys, lungs, brain and heart. Even though the boy was hatched on a ventilator, he was fighting for his life.

An avid lover of photography and video games, the boy was like a normal kid. Hence, it was quite unbelievable for his parents to see him struggling.

After 10 days in the hospital, his symptoms seemed to improve slowly. Everybody was holding out hope for his speedy recovery.

Eventually, things turned into a nightmare as his blood began to clot. The boy finally let go of his life to what was seemingly a heart attack.

Little Andre lost his life to Multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C), which is a very dangerous reaction to COVID 19 infection.

Andre Guest will always be in our prayer and thoughts. May he rest in peace. May his and million other families find solace after the demise of their loved ones.

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