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Death Cause of Jas Waters, Writer of “This Is Us”, Dies at 39

The sad news about the death of Jas Waters came out on Wednesday. Jas Waters was a famous journalist and the writer of “This Is Us” and “Kidding”. However, the official page of “This Is Us” posted this tragic death news. Jas Waters was only 39 years old.

What is the cause of the death of Jas Waters?

As Jas Waters died on Wednesday, there is no news out yet about the cause of the death. This shocking news broke the hearts of the team members of “This Is Us”. They said that Jas Waters was a very excellent and talented journalist. Also, she did remarkable work in the writing. Further, the team members showed sympathy towards her family.

How Was the Career Life of Jas Waters?

Jas Waters served as a journalist and a writer. Further, Jas became a very notable famous writer for “This Is Us” and “Kidding”. Again, she worked for many channels, namely, VH-1, Comedy Central, and Showtime. For her famous show, “This Is Us”, she wrote the storyline of a total of eighteen episodes. Also, for another famous show, Kidding, she wrote the plot of two episodes. Apart from “This Is Us” and “Kidding”, she also wrote for “The Breaks”, and “Hood Adjacent”.

Additionally, in the year 2017, Jas wrote a total of four episodes for the show, Hood Adjacent. This show aired on the channel, Comedy Central. Again, in the same year, she wrote the story for one episode of The Breaks. This show aired on VH-1 channel. Additionally, she also worked as a producer for many shows. The TV shows for which Jas worked as a producer are, ER, The Real World, Spiderman, Barbershop, and Save the Last Dance.

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Coming to the journalism profession of Jas Waters, she wrote her ideas for the magazine, named, the Vibe. Additionally, she would share her ideas and views through her own blog site. People loved her views and she would always grab the attention of the people through her blogs.

How Was the Early Life of Jas Waters?

Jas Waters was born on October 21, 1981, in Evanston, Illinois, United States. However, Jas would live with her grandparents. She spent her childhood with her grandparents. Jas Fly was her nickname. Many people address Jas with her pet name. Further, she went to Columbia College Chicago for her education. Before Jas’s death, she tweeted on May 8, 2020. Her tweet included, “Some shit just changes you”. This was her last tweet. She made her remarkable place in the field of writing.