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Death Cause of Chris Trousdale

Coronavirus has truly gripped the world with its devastating impacts. Severe consequences have taken place because of this unknown mutating virus. With so many deaths all across the world, there are no signs that the spreading is stopping one bit. On the other hand, the daily surge in people testing positive for the virus is a grave concern for the world economy in general. Many eminent personalities have either contracted this virus or have been severely affected by it to an irreparable degree. Here is the latest death that has shaken the world.

Cause of Death

Chris Trousdale was a member of boy band Dream Street. He was a member of the group since it’s inception in 1999 and stayed in the band till 2002. His family members had told that he had tested positive for the Coronavirus. Bandmate Jesse McCartney later confirmed through an Instagram post that Chris has already breathed his last. He has died a tender age of 34. Coronavirus infection has been sought out as the cause behind his death.

Other Contributions

Chris Trousdale was quite a familiar face due to his boyhood exploits. After his band broke up in 2002, he was a part of the musical Broadway Les Miserables. Then he had also appeared on many TV shows like Austin and Ally and Shake Me Up. A vibrant face in the industry he was the most recognizable face of his band. People would flock to see him perform. His bandmate Jesse confirmed that he could pick up any dance number just my listening to the beats within a few minutes.

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Most of his bandmates have exclaimed their condolences and support to the family on social media. McCartney wrote a long message on Instagram honoring the memory of Chris who he remembered as truly one of his very good friends. Family members have requested privacy at this point in time. Since they have wanted some time to deal with the grief and mourn the loss of their youthful child. His mother is absolutely devasted who has been well supported by the sympathizers.