‘Deadpool 3’ Diehards Think They’ve Solved the Mystery of Hugh Jackman’s Second Role

Hugh Jackman has six months to get in Wolverine shape for 'Deadpool 3'

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After Hugh Jackman confirmed that he would be making a dual appearance in Deadpool 3 many speculated that the film would feature Wolverine variants, however, some fans have suggested a different theory on Jackman’s additional role.

Whilst speaking to LeParisien, the X-Men star teased a secondary part in the threequel but didn’t elaborate any further on what he meant by that. Of course the internet did what the internet does and began wildly speculating on the possibilities. Whilst it’s definitely possible we’ll be seeing more variants of Wolverine, it’s also thought that Jackman may be playing himself.

It would be a great fourth-wall breaking joke and the actor has already been referenced within the Deadpool movies before. Seeing as Hugh’s now going to be in this one himself it makes sense to actually have Deadpool meet him as his real-life self.

deadpool hugh jackman
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Many fans agreed with the theory, as it sounds exactly like something that the writers behind Deadpool would conceive. Some came up with their own ideas for the direction the story could take when Deadpool meets Jackman.

Another fan was hoping he’d make an appearance as PT Barnum from The Greatest Showman. Maybe they could all have a sing-off.

Why even stop there? We could have Jean Valjean from Les Miserables show up as well, we could have a whole multiverse of Hughs!

Regardless of what exactly Jackman’s role is it’ll just be great to see Ryan Reynolds and him on screen together. Hopefully it won’t be the last time either. Filming for Deadpool 3 starts this summer with the movie set to be released November 2024.