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Deadliest Day yet in the Pandemic: North Carolina Collapses as Coronavirus Cases Mount

The coronavirus case of North Carolina is something to look at. The graph of victims they are showing is a zig-zag road.

The cases are sometimes increasing and sometimes it’s straight as an arrow.

How Serious the Situation Is??

So, let’s see what actually is going on there. The state has almost 293 deaths around the corner with 8250 confirmed cases from which around 477 are in a critical situation. This is the information we have got from our sources.

The state has now run over about 100,000 tests so far which means that the city is in a pretty serious mode. The state has been closed since March 30 and the orders are “Stay at home”.

The scenario from March 25 to April 15 was really dangerous as the count increased by 3x times. After, April 15, the count comes to steady as the whole thing remained calm.

But on 17 April, There were about 400 cases of positive victims and with 100 cases almost every day has made it clear that the virus is going to be staying with us for a long time.

There are about 4 counties which are at the most critical scenario over 1200 cases and with about 120 deaths in their account, the whole thing has taken a bad shape.

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The state has mostly people of the age group of 25-49 followed by 50-64 and then the other age groups. With that, the victims are mostly white with a percentage of about 53% going down the line.

How Many Days They Need to Wait for Everything to Become Normal??

Other than that, the lockdown in the state has increased up to May 8. The state has started that not more than 10 people are allowed to group together.

Also, there shouldn’t be people roaming outside only if they have any important issues to attend they can go out or an industrial issue.

For now, the state is going to be closed for a while and things are going to be a bit slow. So, let’s hope that everything works out for the best.