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Dead to me Season 2 Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot, And What Will Be The Twist In This Season

Fan of grace and Frankie? So dead to me is also a kind of black comedy available on Netflix as it is the darker version of grace and Frankie.

Writer-Liz Feldman 

The first season of the dead to me was released on 3rd May 2019 and it was the series of 10 episodes. The show was in craze in between the audience. It was announced in June 2019 that the show is going to be renewed for the second season.

This is a story of two friends Jen and Judy, both of them had grief in their life. They met in a seminar which was organized to make people free from all their grief, and they became friends very fast in that seminar.

Release date:

The trailer for the dead to me season 2 is not out till now, but it will come soon. And its releasing date is approximated in between May and June 2020. Shoot for season 2 has been started in June 2020 and ended in December 2019. There are chances that the releasing date will come soon.

Casting characters:

Jen ( Christina Applegate), Judy (Linda Cardellini), Max Jenkins (Christopher), Christina Applegate (Jen Harding), Linda Cardellini (Jude Hale), Brandon Scott (Nick), James Marsden (Steve Wood), Sam McCarthy ( Charlie Harding), Beth Littleford( Doug’s wife), Ed Asner (Abe), Ana Perez (Diana Maria Riva), Karen (Suzy Nakamura), Pastor Wayne (Keong Sim), and Haley Sims (Kayley).Some new characters may be seen in season 2.

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Plot for season 2

In season 1, when the friendship between Jen and Judy starts, it seems like Jen was hiding some secret.

The ending of season 1 was like Jen and Judy were in front of Judy’s ex-fiance Steve (James Marsden) and it looks like Jen is the one who killed steve.

The ending may take some other turn different from what viewers cannot even imagine, it is to be seen in season 2 that Jen is the killer of steve or not?

There were twists and turns in season 1, with the jen’s accepting that she was responsible behind Judy ‘s husband’s death. More twists and turns will be seen in season2

The writer wants to create something in which they both need each other in some way. Darkness is going to fill season 2 with it according to Feldman.

A new turn will be seen in their friendship.

Stay tuned for more updates