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Dead to Me Season 2 Cast, Air Date, Plot, Trailer and All the New Details

Well, The first 10 episode season of “Dead to Me” was groundbreaking and pretty awesome.

What’s Heading Our Way?

This dark comedy series has got more than it’s fair share of attention and without a doubt, everyone is asking for the second season. So, here you got all the information you need to know about the upcoming season.

Liz Feldman, the writer of the series is pretty excited about the series as this was something she always believed she was good at.

She said, “This series is something which brings back all and every part of my thought to reality”.

Dead to Me Season 2: Is It Confirmed or Not?

The second season of the series is although still not confirmed by Netflix, we are pretty sure that the series is going to be coming as the shooting of the second season of the series was done by December 2019 confirmed by Liz herself. So, let’s see what else is there.

The story as we all know starts at the friends meeting at the Friends of Heaven support after the tragic death of their partners but the twist comes around when we realize that, it was Judy who killed Jen’s husband accidentally in a hit-and-run.

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The series is going to have all the same cast for the upcoming series which means that we will see all these apartment-mates together but one person who is not going to be there is James Marsden as Steve as his body was found dead drifting in the swimming pool and with that, Natalie Morales could be coming in the show and will form a connection with Judy at the living facility.

Season 1 was thought to be the end of the series as we see Jen pointing the gun at a dead body of Judy’s fiancee but the writer of the series has clearly indicated that the series is going to be much more different from that.

And, Then again we don’t have any trailers or teaser for the upcoming season but we will get it very soon.