DC Universe’s Batman & Superman Plans Make 1 Great Crossover Impossible

Superman, Jonathan Kent, and Damian Wayne

The DCU’s plans for Superman: Legacy and The Brave and The Bold mean that one great DC legacy crossover cannot happen in this new universe.

A great Superman/Batman legacy crossover is already impossible in the new DC Universe. DC Studios’ Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters is set to tell one large story across film, TV, and gaming in the DCU, and will also reboot Batman and Superman. While not much is known about the upcoming Superman: Legacy and The Brave and the Bold films, the DC Universe’s new takes on Superman and Batman are both bringing elements that have never been part of those characters’ live action cinematic history: their sons.


For example, The Brave and the Bold will see the live-action debut of Damian Wayne, Batman’s son who becomes Robin. Not only will The Brave and the Bold be Damian’s big screen debut, but it will also be the first live-action film to feature a Robin since 1997’s Batman & Robin. Superman: Legacy, on the other hand, will focus on an early-career Superman without telling an origin story.

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A Damian Wayne & Jonathan Kent Crossover Can’t Happen In The DCU


If Damian Wayne is already Robin in a universe in which Clark Kent has just recently started his Superman career in Metropolis, then having Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent (who became Superboy and eventually Superman) around the same age in the DCU is impossible. In fact, according to The Hollywood Reporter’s original report of the Superman reboot following Henry Cavill’s exit, the new Superman movie could see Clark Kent meeting characters like Lois Lane at The Daily Planet for the first time. In other words, Clark and Lois may not even a couple in Superman: Legacy. In that scenario, DC’s Super Sons team with Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent cannot work.

Given how well the Super Sons idea worked in DC Comics since the duo first teamed up during the Rebirth era, it would’ve made sense for DC to explore the interactions between Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent on the big screen. Similar to how Damian Wayne has never appeared in live-action, Superman having a family and a son who becomes a superhero has never been done in the movies. Instead, the new DC Universe is choosing to approach Batman and Superman differently – Batman will be at a later point of his vigilante career as suggested by Damian Wayne as Robin while Superman will be at the beginning of his journey.

How Batman Being Older Than Superman Affects Their Potential DCU Stories

Split image of covers for All-Star Superman + Batman & Robin with James Gunn

According to James Gunn, Batman might be a couple of years older than Superman in the DC Universe. While how Superman and Batman’s ages compare in the new DC Universe is still difficult to say, the fact that Damian Wayne is already Robin sets up a very experienced Dark Knight. If the new DCU is following Batman’s current lore chronology, then several other Batman sidekicks and legacy characters – including but not limited to previous Robins – must already exist. Essentially, Damian’s story only really works for a Batman that has already raised or trained other characters. That is quite different from what an early-career Superman must be like.

Batman being older than Superman in the DC Universe can help set up the Dark Knight’s role in a future DCU Justice League movie, as what truly allows Batman to fight alongside “Gods and Monsters” is his experience and preparation. A DC Universe in which Batman appeared before Superman also introduces an interesting dynamic regarding how the world perceives vigilantes and superheroes, as Batman tends to leave a very different first impression compared to Superman. Lastly, Batman as a mentor figure to Superman can work, just like Superman’s different approach to being a symbol of hope can also help Batman fight crime differently.

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