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DC Remembering and Showing Love to George Floyd Chanting, “Stop Killing Black People.”

The death of George Floyd has had a ripple effect across the entire nation of the United States. Peoples have come forward in large groups to show their support in the tragic death of George Floyd whose video was shared in all the social media platforms worldwide. 

The Minneapolis Police Officer who kneeled on George’s neck, resulting in his death on the spot was a disturbing sight for all who saw the video. The fact that it was a black man made it worse. Black people have been racially abused in the US for so long that another such action has resulted in widespread protests against the illegal deeds of the police. 

Violent Protests across DC

While the protests are only increasing in ever cities of the US same is the case in DC. Thousands have come forward to show their love for Geroge Floyd.  

Some protest has been peaceful while some remained violent in certain places. On Friday and Saturday, the angry protesters burned vehicles. No one was injured as the DC fire department reached in time to control the fire. 

On Sunday there were multiple arrests which included 17 peoples from the violent protest which resulted in the injury of 11 police officers.

Firecrackers were thrown at the police guarding the protests and some were attacked with water bottles. The situation is getting worse because the outbreak is getting violent day by day. Many of the businesses and buildings have been damaged. Most of them were street-side restaurants. Despite the damaged property and loss, the restaurant’s owners stand in solidarity with the death of George Floyd.

The White House has even emailed the employees to take leave and work from home till due to the gathering mob outside the walls of it. Meanwhile, the security has been increased around the White House. 

Some protests are Peaceful

Not all the protests are violent. Some even opt for silent protest with some strong slogans. Peoples gathered in thousands in DC to chant, “Stop Killing Black People.”

The DC police officers were also filmed showing support by taking a knee.

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