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DC Is Chooses by Patty Jankins Over the Marvel Studios by Wonder Woman 1984 Director !!!

Patty Jenkins, the onetime owner-director, doesn’t really want to step up for this one. She finally resigned and went away from these wonderful projects. With DC, she shifted herself to bigger things, preferring Wonder Woman.

The reason why Petty Jenkins left the movie

Patty Jenkins had been proposed to helm Thor 2 for competitive Marvel Studios before heading DC’s Wonder Woman. But the director refused the proposal because she said that she felt she would be criticized if the film didn’t do well. She said she strongly believed she would not be able to make a good movie with that script. And if the movie crash, it seems like it’s her fault.

Patty further added that she had dropped out to give herself another chance to improvise and learn more skills. Due to less script knowledge, she didn’t want to miss out on important stuff. Patty said if the movie was made by another director they could understand it more clearly¬†

Currently, Jenkins has explained further on why she quit Marvel in a recent interview with Vanity Fair to support the upcoming 1984 Wonder Woman. For her, it all fell to a lack of confidence in the script and the fear that she might bear the brunt of the criticism for a movie she’d created just to prove she could.


¬†The director has one positive thing to say. Patty has said about Thor’s new director Taika Waititi, “They think he was Thor’s deserving director, Taika’s too good for Thor. Oh my God, His sound in Thor was masterful, it sounded like pure Taika .” Patty Jenkins is waiting for Wonder Woman’s 1984 release. The release of the film was postponed to August 14 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

After the film’s trailer was released, most of Wonder Woman’s 1984 storyline is still being locked in a tightly guarded secret, and it has also become the standard for superhero films. We have a release date, a preview, and the source material for comic books to give us hints as to what we should expect to see as Wonder Woman finally hits the big screen.

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