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Daybreak season 3 why Netflix cancelled The show? tap to know the reason

This is the american comedy series  based on a novel by Brian Ralph.The first season contains approximately 10 episodes and it’s available on netflix.

Reason for cancellation of show

No official or validate reason was still given by the creators for cancelling the show.

Many fans of the show are so aggressive about its cancellation that they had signed a petition for it.

The last season of the show has generated many questions and puzzles among the viewers and  the next season was meant to answer all the questions but now it seems that the first season was the end of Daybreak show, as creators of the show has officially announced to cancel the show and the next season is never going to come on netflix.

Bad news for the fans..!

Day break fans? then bad news for you…the day is not going to break again ,in short day break season 2 has been cancelled.Daybreak was a comedy series for teenagers.

Plot of daybreak season 1

A 17 year old boy has lost his british girlfriend in  Glendale, California and was in search of her,and the mystery starts when he came across a group that includes a 12-year-old Angelica (Lind) ,Wesley (Crute),and some more…

The group was trying very hard to survive after some of them became zombies, and after getting rejections by the world.

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Is the show really going to cancel?

Aron Coleite,the show creator just confirmed the cancellation of the show on twitter and wrapped up in just two lines”love u all .thanku!”The news of its cancellation appeared to be revealed just a month after the release of season 1 on 24 oct.

Why Fans Are Worried About Its Future?

Regarding the fact that season 1 of the show was a hit,fans are eagerly waiting for their favourite cast from the show to return with the second season.

The directors and producers of the show are also sad about the cancellation of the show.Youngsters are so much attached by the show and  were hoping for the second season.