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Dawood Ibrahim Wife Zubeena Zareen Tested Positive for Coronavirus

The coronavirus which emerged back in December 2019 has devastated the world within the past five months, shaking the daily lifestyle and terrorizing people’s minds. Until now the numbers stand at 6.42 million cases with the death toll around 383,000 which is increasing gradually with each passing day.

Underworld Don Tested Positive for COVID-19

Recently news reports have emerged from top sources in Pakistan that the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and his wife have tested positive for the COVID-19. Following which all his staffs and guard are in self-quarantine. He is reportedly in an army hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. However, there is still no information regarding how he might have caught the coronavirus. Was he traveling? It would be safe to assume but everything remains a mystery for the criminal mastermind.

The country he is residing now is battling the coronavirus like any other. The current identified cases stand at 89,249 while the fatalities rate at present stands at 1838 as of writing this article. Pakistan has already surpassed the numbers of China and the numbers are increasing at a rapid rate. Meanwhile, the Govt. has launched media campaigns to educate the citizens about the do’s and don’ts during the coronavirus pandemic and to follow the guidelines.

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Who is Dawood Ibrahim?

The criminal mastermind hails from Dongri, Maharashtra, and is the most wanted criminal in India. In 2003 he was declared as a global terrorist by India and the US. He carries a reward of $25 million on his heads.

The underworld don was the mastermind behind the 1993 Bombay blasts which shook Mumbai. He planted 12 bombs at different locations around the city which resulted in the death of 300 peoples and almost leaving behind 1400 injured people.

Since then he has not been and caught and fled away from India. Reports claim that Pakistan has been providing shelter to the enemy of India and has many times denied the facts. But now that he has tested positive for the coronavirus, the country’s claims remain pointless as before. The latest reports on his surveillance say he had talks with the 2008 Mumbai attack’s terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba recently.