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David Guetta Was Rejected by Madonna Because of His Star Sign ‘Scorpio’

On Sunday, 4th October, at the interview David Guetta claimed that Madonna rejected working with him because of his star sign. Apparently Madonna is not in favour of scorpions. 

On 4th October, David Guetta appeared at an interview on the McFly et Carlito YouTube channel. On the subject of Madonna, he told the story about their meeting. According to DJ Madonna wanted to work with him after he won Grammy. In 2011, he won Grammy for his remix of her song ‘Revolver’.

David Guetta said that when they met over the lunch to discuss the collaboration, it was all going fine. It was just him and Madonna for that meeting. They talked about their respective work, Madonna told Guetta that she loved the remix and would like him to produce her next album. 

Everything was fine until they landed on the topic of star signs. As soon as David mentioned he was a scorpion, Madonna *made a face at him* and left rejecting to work with him. 

According to astrology, scorpions are usually ‘determined and devoted’ but also slow to trust.

Madonna has history working with a scorpion. She co-wrote her song ‘Bedtime Story’ with Björk. The song did pretty well with Audience and also reached  Top 10 in UK charts.

There hasn’t been any comment about this incidence from Madonna but her representative has been contacted.

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