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Dark Season 3: Some Updates And Recap of The Last Season 2

A German Television series, created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. It has 2 seasons till now, that is, 18 episodes. The production location is Germany itself. The show was created for Netflix with a format of 4K(Ultra HD) for the audience.

The first netflix show introduced in German language was released on December 1,2017. The first season became a recipient of huge amount of love and success. The second season of Dark was premiered on June 21,2019. The shooting for third and final season was commenced in end of June 2019. The cast includes Hannah Kahnwald, Ines Kahnwald, Sebastien Krüger, Daniel Kahnwald, Martha Nielsen, Ulrich Nielsen, Katharina Nielsen, Mads Nielsen, Tronte Nielsen, Jana Nielsen, Agnes Nielsen, Franziska Doppler, Elisabeth Doppler, Peter Doppler, Charlotte Doppler, Noah, Doris Tiedemann, Egon Tiedemann, Claudia Tiedemann, Aleksander Tiedemann, Regina Tiedemann, Bartosz Tiedemann, H.G. Tannhaus, Greta doppler, Helge Doppler and Berned Doppler.

Each episode is having a duration of an hour. The series created a buzz among the audience.


After knowing that Season 3 would return, there’s a sense of excitement among the audience. A show which has googled so much will be releasing its third season now. Although a particular date hasn’t been set but according to sources, June 27, 2020, will be the date when the new season would be launched. What we got to know from various sources is that this will be the last and the final season.

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So many countless numbers of people have gone mad for the show. Even the second season was a super-duper hit. Knowing that a super hit show is ending is heartbreaking news but this German show got millions of fans and earned a name in the super hit shows of Netflix.

The plot, storyline, cast, performance, concept, location, every single thing was loved by its fans. There’s nothing to dislike about it. From small things to big things, it has been loved by the heart of so many people.