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Dark Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Trailer And Other News Updated Now

Season 3 of Dark will be the last season. Yes! It is official that the show will end after 3 seasons.

Dark is the first-ever German show by Netflix. It First aired in 2017 and it’s popularity spread like wildfire. The show created by Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese will be seeing its closure at some time in 2020.

Release date

First season of the show was released on 1st December 2017 while second hit the screens on June 21, 2019. First season was quite an hit and received many positive responses. It gained an 87% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The second season came after nearly two and half years. The second season was a grand success as compared to season 1.  We expect the third season to be released at some time in 2020. It’s highly possible that it will release in the summer or fall of 2020.

About DARK

The show is often compared to the stranger things. There no doubt that Dark is one of the best sci-fi thriller series on Netflix. Odar has been successful to show the amazing time-traveling story woven into the web of suspense, horror and puzzles.

Taking into consideration of the success of first two seasons, people have extremely high expectations out of third season. Third season, being the series finale promises to solve all the questions left hanging on audience’s head and figure out the mysteries.

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The show revolves around the mysterious events taking place in a city after two kids vanish. Conflict between the good and the bad is the key feature of the show. Every aspect of the story is carefully placed in to create and solve the suspense respectively.

According to the sources, filming of the closing season began in May 2019 and ended in December 2019. It will probably be on air in this summer. Fans are waiting eagerly for the event as this season will be the last.

You can watch the trailer here :


Cast of the show might include Louis Hofmann and Karoline Eichhorn playing Jonas Kahnwald and Charlotte Doppler respectively. Jordis Triebel will be seen playing role of Katharina Nielsen while Hannah Kahnwald will be played by Maia Schone.