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Daniel Radcliffe Replies JK Rowling Tweets Over the Transgender Identity

Daniel Radcliffe is the leading character of the extremely popular show, Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling is the author of the show, Harry Potter. However, Daniel Radcliffe replies to the J.K Rowling, who tweeted about the transgender identity.

Daniel Radcliffe is a popular and famous British actor. People love him a lot for his role in the show, Harry Potter. He was the leading character in the eight parts of Harry Potter. Additionally, he also worked as a producer for some film. He also worked in many Hollywood films and television series. He grabbed many awards. Also, he has a number of nominations for various awards. Daniel Radcliffe does social work and donates to many charities.

What Did J.K. Rowling Tweet in Her Post?

Daniel spoke all the above words in response to the words of Rowling. Rowling posted a tweet about transgender identity. However, she posted in a tweet about the headline of one article named “people who menstruate.” Later, she said that there is no attraction between the two people of the same gender. If sex is kept apart, then the identity of the woman is demolished. Further, Rowling said that she respects every transgender person. Transgender people have their own rights to live in society. But, people say her transphobic.

What Did Daniel Radcliffe Say in His Reply?

In Daniel Radcliffe’s response, he said that transgender women are not very different than others. However, this response of Daniel posted on the website of the Trevor Project, which is a non-profitable organization. Further, Daniel said that our society treats most of the transgender people very differently. These transgender people face discrimination based on their gender. Daniel again tweeted that we all need to work together to spread the awareness of gender equality and demolish the transgender injustice. So that transgender people can live freely in the society. There should be no discrimination based on gender.

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What Are the Thoughts of Daniel Radcliffe About Transgenders?

Daniel criticized the tweeted words of Rowling. He said that as the contributor to the Trever Project, he feels that there should be no discrimination between transgenders and normal people. Society needs to understand that trans people are not a threat. They should be treated equally. The world is developing at a greater pace. So, people in the society should also develop their minds and thoughts.

Daniel further told in his tweet that books had taught us to love. But, people have forgotten the values that the books have taught. Love is the only thing that binds relations, no matter whatever is the gender of the people.