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Daniel Craig Starring Film “No Time to Die” Shows How He Prepared for His Role!!

“Bond, James Bond” a line which enchanted movie fans for decades. The Bond franchise has seen a string of extremely successful movies grossing billions of dollars.
Established actors like Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig are the ones privileged enough to play James Bond.

No Time to Die will be the last installment of the franchise. Daniel Craig, the integral part of the movie shared his filming experiences with a leading newspaper.

Daniel Craig Reflects on His Journey as James Bond

This Hollywood hunk is a perfect fit for the suave of Bond. His style, machismo and accents makes him the bond for all ages.

Craig, in multiple interviews said that this was the role that changed his life. When asked about the impact of this role, he said, “My recognition as James Bond earned me a lot of accolades. It has made my professional life a major success story”.

In other interviews he also mentioned the kind of rigorous training he went through and injuries he suffered. “ I had to maintain a highly hydrated diet, with minimal fat content. Keeping myself fit was the only objective” he was referred to as saying in interviews.

He also shared his emotional turmoil after shooting for the last scene in No Time to Die. He said, “ After we completed the last scene, the entire cast came out. Tears rolled down their eyes. They all hugged each other flooding back memories of a jubilant time. I was asked to make a speech. But I was too emotional to utter even a word”.

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No Time to Die is bound to be an excellent addition to the glorious list of Bond movies. Fans are doubly excited to watch their favorite 007 agent kick ass. Stay Tuned for more updates.