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Dale Righte Replies to Governor’s Proposal to Reopen Illinois County

Coronavirus induced lockdown has become such a common sight in today’s world. When the governments were unable to handle the surge in the infection rate, they induced complete lockdown in the states. With that, all economic activities came to a grinding halt. Many small-time migrant workers were put out of jobs. This took place due to the closure of the factories and mall, prime employers of such workers. With the fourth phase of lockdown getting over, countries are planning on opening the state boundaries. This would lead to an influx of trade operations, estimated to enhance the growth in the country.

What did the Mayor say?

On May 5th, 2020, Mayor J.B. Pritzker announced his decision. He said that the state of Illinois would be open for trade operations from the said date. This was done because the economic condition in the state was worsening day by day. With no revenue generation activities in the state since Mid March, people were getting unemployed. There was no other option for the state administration but to open the state boundaries. That would allow the smooth transportation of the vehicles which carry goods from one place to another. In addition to that, it would also help enhance the productive capacity of the state machinery upon reopening. Lockdown would be lifted on the expectations that the state would revive from this slowdown.

What did the Senator write in his reply?

Senator wrote a reply letter to the State body. In his letter, Dale Righter wrote that he was not supportive of the state machinery’s decision. He said that it would bring communion between the states. States which are not much impacted would mingle with the states where there have been huge impacts due to the virus. This would only validate the increase in the chance of community transmission.

Other reasons cited by the Senator

In addition to the above-mentioned causes, he also stated that the condition in the country was still unstable. Full resumption of all activities would flout the social distancing norms. With people coming out of lockdown, desperation would be a prime factor guiding their motive. Thus there is a high possibility that there might be a further surge in the level and rate of infection.

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