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DaBaby is not dating B.Simone, here are some information


DaBaby is a famous American rapper and a songwriter born in North Carolina. His official name is Jonathon Lyndale Kirk. Bron on December 22, 1991, is famous for his hardcore hip hop American rapping. His efforts include Bop, vibes, suge, Oprah’s bank account, off the rip, baby Jesus, carpet burn and many more. His record labels include-Interscope Records and Universal Music Group.


Another great celebrity, B.Simone, born in the United States. An American rapper, singer and comedian are seeking everybody’s attention. She had gained much reputation and fame from her MTV show named Wild’N Out. She has a fan following of more than 1.9 million all over the world. Moreover, her profession, she has her own Youtube channel which has more than 100K subscribers, she has her own online merchandise and her estimated net worth is supposed to be 500K dollars .thus, she is touching skies with all the publicity and money.

Is DaBaby dating B.Simone?


Through sources, we have been informed that they both were dating when B.Simone posted a picture with DaBaby through which the fans assumed that they both were dating each other. They are not dating in real life, rather they are shooting a short film together-“Find My Way”..B.Simone showed her love much in her funny video when she dressed up as a Halloween and consider DaBaby as the groom. That was in the past but now it appears that love has faded and the spark between hem had vanished. Thus, DaBaby was seen to clarify the assumption that they both were dating.

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The clue was given as when B.Simone had posted the picture, fans examined that the man in the picture had the same hand tat’s as that of DaBaby.But in the end, it was cleared that neither DaBaby is in relationship with B.Simone and neither does he want to get married when his career is at peak