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Current Death Chat Of Coronovirus In Various Countries Details Updated

Covid-19 is day by day, becoming a fatal disease for the whole world.originated from Wuhan city of China, this disease has taken many lives all over the world and has infected many citizens.No cures has been developed for the disease. It mostly spreads through contact. Sanitation is necessary; gatherings should be avoided to prevent this. Vaccines may take time to develop. There is nothing to panic about with covid -19; it is much harmful to those who are suffering from some medical conditions.

Effect of Coronavirus on India

In India, it started from Kerala and now to Jammu & Kashmir, Pune, Delhi, Jaipur, Bengaluru, Agra,Hyderabad, etc.

Total confirmed cases are 256 in India on 20 March 2020, with four deaths.23 people are successfully treated and have recovered from the disease. Many people in India have only mild infections, while only some are critical.

India is in the second stage.

Number of countries affected by the coronavirus

Covid-19 has affected a total of 184 countries and territories.

According to the latest reports, below are the some majorly affected countries with covid-19. We have details of total no. of cases, new cases, total deaths, and further death

  • In China 

Total cases :80,967    New cases:+39

Total Death:3,248       New death :+3

  • Italy

Total cases:47,021    New cases:+5,986

Total Death:4,032    New death:+627   

  • Spain

Total cases:20,412     New cases:+2,335

Total Death:1,044    New death:+213   

  • Germany

Total cases:19,848        New cases:+4,528    Total Death:59        New death:+15   

  • Iran

Total cases:19,644           New cases:+1,237

Total Death:1,433          New death:+149   

  • USA

Total cases:16,796    New cases:+3,007   

Total Death:229    New death:+22

  • France

Total cases:12,612      New cases:+1,617   

Total Death:450    New death:+78

  • S.Korea

Total cases:8,652    New cases:+87

Total Death:94            New death:+3   

  • Switzerland

Total cases:5,381    New cases:+1,159   

Total Death:56                  New death:+13   

  • UK

Total cases:3,983           New cases:+714   

Total Death:177                New death:+33   

If we see all the statistics and records across all over the world then we have 

Total cases:270,069        New cases:25,175

Total Death:11,271           New death:1,243   

There is no cure for the disease, so we can only decrease this by taking preventive measures.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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