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Crash Landing on You Season 1 To Be on Netflix Soon

The season 1 of Crash Landing on You will feature the story of a South Korean woman who falls in love with a North Korean soldier. It is an upcoming Netflix Original K-Drama romantic series, which is going to release in March 2020. The series is well-created by Studio Dragon and written by Park Ji-Eun. It is interesting for the fans of the K-Drama series to hear that Netflix has the international distributions rights to Crash Landing on You. It means that all regions of South Korea can watch this series. The series will cast the pair again, that is, Lee Jung-hyeok and Yoon Se-ri, who have worked together on The Negotiation.

Lee Jung-Hyo has directed Crash Landing on You, who has already directed various K-Drama series like Romance is a Bonus Book, In Need of Romance 2012, and Life on Mars. The first season of Crash Landing on You will have 16 episodes. In March 2020, the first season of the series will surely release. Keep waiting!

The plot of Crash Landing on You

Crash Landing on You has taken the fifth spot as the topmost rated Korean drama series at the time of writing in cable television history. Every single episode of Crash Landing on You has beaten other series and has become one of the most beloved series for the viewers. The series is available to all the subscribers of Netflix around the entire world. The series is receiving much attention and considered to be the famous K-Dramas in recent times. It is all due to its storyline centered on North Korea. 

Yoon Se-ri, crashes lands in North Korea after she swept in a windstorm on her paraglider. She is a beautiful fashion heiress. She lands on Lee Jung-hyeok, who is North Korean military officer, as she crashes from the tree. Lee Jung-hyeok is a man of principles, and without thinking, he decides to help Yoon Se-ri. He hides Yon Se-ri from the authorities of North Korean. The pair starts learning more about each other and get closer, and then they fall in love. For more updates stay tuned. Keep yourself connected with us and look for more such amazing news. 

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