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Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott Had a Horrible Ankle Injury While Playing Against New York Giants and Was Carted off the Field

Cowboys was having a match New York Giants on Sunday. But in the third quarter of match, the quarterback of comboys Dark Prescott got a severe right ankle injury. His ankle got rolled over while running nine yard just before 7 mins of completing the quarter. On the Sunday evening he might have had the ankle injury for dislocation. After the incident the team leader came foreward and talked with reporters about Prescott’s injury he said ” That Prescott is taken to to the hospital and his surgery is also scheduled for the evening of Sunday “.

Even After the Loss of Prescott From the Mid Match, Comboys Still Managed to Win

Prescott’s place was filled by backup quarterback AndyAndy Dalton. Comboys won the match the game by 37-34. Elliot interacted with media and said ” All we can do I’d support him and go out there and win ball games for him. It just sucks to see a warrior go down like this”. Hence they made it and won the match for Prescott, nothing could have done to make him feel better, every fan was filled with emotions because if the injury but the news of winning the match surely have made them feel better.

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Head coach Mike McCarthy and former head coach was also prestent there. New York Giants coordinator also rushed to look Prescott to show support.

People tweeted to show care for Prescott

Soon after admitting to hospital Prescott’s brother made a tweet in which Prescott’s was seen smiling and it look like he was feeling better and gave comfort to fans and friends because when he left the field he was seen as crying in pain. Many team members also tweeted for fast recovery of Prescott’s including the owner of comboys, he made long paragraphs for Prescott’s and wished him soon recovery.