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Cowboy Bebop Episodes and Character Details You Need to Know

Space Anime found a new dimension with the release of Cowboy Bebop. The series tells the story of four bounty hunters from space and the adventures and mysteries they embark on. Unlike many Anime’s cowboys is a relatively shorter one with about 26 episodes. This show though has its iconic moments which are etched in the memory of any anime lover. Netflix has decided to make a live-action movie adapting the script of this show. That might just be fascinating to watch. Here are some important details about their characters and episodes.

Cowboy Bebop: Episode Details

Following is a count of 26 episodes of the show that have aired-
• Episode1- Asteroid Blues.
• Episode2- Stray Dog Strut.
• Episode3- Honky Tonk Woman.
• Episode4- Gateway Shuffle.
• Episode5- Ballad of Fallen Angels.
• Episode6- Sympathy for the Devil.
• Episode7- Heavy Metal Queen.
• Episode8- Waltz for Venus.
• Episode9- Jamming with Edward.
• Episode10- Ganymede Elegy.
• Episode11- Toys in the Attic.
• Episode12- Jupiter Jazz Part 1.
• Episode13- Jupiter Jazz Part 2.
• Episode14- Bohemian Rhapsody.
• Episode 15- My Funny Valentine.
• Episode16- Black Dog Serenade.
• Episode17- Mushroom Samba.
• Episode18- Speak like a Child.
• Episode19- Wild Horses.
• Episode20- Pierrot Le Fou.
• Episode21- Boogie Woogie Feng Shui.
• Episode22- Cowboy Funk.
• Episode23- Brain Scratch.
• Episode24- Hard Luck Woman.
• Episode 25- The Real Folk Blues Part 1.
• Episode26- The Real Folk Blues Part 2.

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Cowboy Bebop: Character Details

In the series, there are preliminary four major characters. They are as follows-
• Spike Spiegel- Spike is involved with the world of Syndicate and is a goon. He is expertly trained in martial arts and other forms of combat. Cocky and confident in his approach he is the livewire of this group of bounty hunters.
• Jet Black- Black is the captain of this group. He is an ex-Marine corps and is as tough and strong as they come. Using all his military prowess, he is the muscle behind the group as well. Commonly referred to as a black dog, he has incredible tenacity to survive.
• Faye Valentine- A 50-year-old coma survivor, she is the only one compelled to get involved in the business. She has a lot of dues to clear. Thus she joined this bounty hunter program to earn money and pay her loans.
• Edward- Youngest member of the group Edward is a genius computer hacker. But at times he acts impulsive and behaves like an animal.



Cowboy Bebop: Critical Reception of the Show

The show has been a massive hit among the science fiction fans. Space concepts shown here are efficient and in sync with modern applications. There are legions of fans all across the globe for this particular show.