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COVID Toes Symptoms What Does It Means All You Need to Know

As coronavirus continues to claim life all over the world, the doctors and scientist all over the world continue to study more about the spread and symptoms related to coronavirus. Since its spread, we have seen many new symptoms that could be related to coronavirus. The most common symptoms related to COVID-19 are dry cough, fever and difficulty breathing, but now researchers have come up with new symptoms that could be different from viral infection.

What Are the New Symptoms:

The dermatologists who are involved in the treatment of suspected and confirmed coronavirus cases are reporting that there is a trend of skin problem being developed by the patient suffering from COVID-19. This new symptom is being commonly called as “COVID toes. In the new symptom, the patient could develop blue or purple discolouration on the feet or fingers which looks similar to rashes. These lesions are painful to touch and cause a hot burning sensation according to Dr Ebbing Lautenbach who is the chief of infectious disease at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine.

What Does the Study Show:

According to the study conducted by the Italian doctors which were published in late March, one out of every five patients had a skin issue which was most commonly a red rash. This skin problem is seen in people who generally have no other symptoms of COVID-19. According to the studies, you could develop a skin problem first before any other symptoms which means that this could be the first clue for the person that he has coronavirus despite the fact that he has developed none of the others symptoms.

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What Causes the Skin Problem:

According to the chief of critical care for the emergency department at Massachusetts General Hospital Susan Wilcox that the skin problem in the form of lesions is developed in people who are critically ill with coronavirus. According to her, the skin problem is caused by inflammation as the result of the virus. The inflammation results in the clotting of tiny blood in the blood vessels in the feet of person infected with the coronavirus. The skin problem is generally developed by persons who have acute respiratory distress syndrome.