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Covid 19: When This Deadly Pandemic Will Come to End

When Will It End

Every individual of the country or I should say, the whole world is fighting against CORONAVIRUS. The entire community is engaged to find a permanent solution to this problem or to find an answer to the question as to how long this deadly virus will last.


William Haseltine, the president of the global health center, thinks that the vaccine to cure this disease will take approximately a year to get implemented. Still, we will surely have a drug to help people to prevent themselves from getting infected from this soon. According to a survey, as the temperature reaches more and the weather becomes more humid, the efficiency of the virus will get less and thus will spread less.CORONA has a 2 percent fatality rate.

It is also believed that this virus will persist for a month or two, and then it will vanish, but the question remains “how” and what about those who had already been infected. Probably, there is a considerable way to go. It is continuously increasing, and now it had reached approximately 500000 people getting affected. Now, it’s time to wrap up the story. We cannot afford more lives!

What Scientists Have to Say

Everyone believes that the best way to stay safe and not falling in the trap of getting infected by the virus in quarantine and travel restrictions as this virus keeps on multiplying. Epidemiologist MARC LPISITCH estimated that 20-60 percent of adults are likely to get affected by the total world population band people can only save their lives if they possess a strong immune system. This is increasing because medical facilities lack in terms of number, and the infected person transmits the virus to the doctors as well.

The best way to get rid of this is to implement more and more medical staffs to look into the matter carefully as this is quite serious and this should be dealt with properly

On our contribution, to prevent this virus from spreading, the best possible way is to stay home and practice social distancing.

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