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COVID-19 Patients Not Following the Orders Could Be Under House Arrest in Louisville

Now as the spread of coronavirus is becoming unstoppable around the world different countries are now coming up with strict action plane against those who would not abide by the government guidelines. Louisville is releasing orders for people to stay at home. If people in Louisville are being diagnosed with COVID-19 and if they are refusing to stay at home despite the order from doctors and the authority then they would be legally liable and could be sentenced to house arrest.

This order comes after a male patient despite being tested corona positive went for shopping seeing this court had to issue such law. Under this process, Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness has been given the authority to issue an “order of isolation.” Then the order is forwarded to circuit Judge who signs or denies the order based on the evidence presented.

Then its sheriff’s responsibility to serve the order and then a GPS monitoring device is placed on the patient by the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections Officers. With this authority has a track of the patient activity and if the patient leaves their home or violate any conditions of the detention they could be arrested or will face serious charges.

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According to FOP Lodge, 77 spokesperson said that they are ready to handle any situation that comes in future and according to her it’s not too big of an ask to be tested and to do the proper equipment that we need to do and they will enforce whatever is asked by the judges. She has also expressed the concern that the officers who are serving the HIP equipment are at risk as they are coming in direct contact with the patient.