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COVID 19 Found in Semen of a Young Man

So the world it is really in trouble and has completely lost its peace because of the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone believes that 2020 is really a bad year and has brought so much misortune with itself. But now the news which you are going to read now will make you go crazy and will make you get shocked.

There was a small study which was performed in China which has concluded that Corona virus is found in semen of young covid-19 patients. Yes you read it right !

More Information About the News

Researchers perform test in China and test semen samples of 38 men who were tested positive for the coronavirus. The study was performed at Shangqiu Municipal hospital.
so it has been known that this scenario could make a problem during sexual transmission if the virus remained in the testicles for a long time and and there are chances that these patients could sexually transmited the virus even after they have been recovered.

More studies would be done in order to get information about this serious problem and it has been advised for the patients to use condoms still more investigation is performed on the same topic.

How Many People Are Diagnosed?

So doctors found virus in semen of 6 people out of which 4 are very sick and to work in the recovering state. Many studies that have sold that virus could be in blood or even tears or other fluids.

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The American Society for reproductive medicine advice that sexual contact must be avoided with men until their 14 days without the symptoms and this could be a very wise decision.

Also there has been no reports that for how much long time would be virus remains in semen if it can be transmitted during sex. This report was published in China on Thursday.

This is a very critical problem and Research must be done timely in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus through sexual transmission men must be aware and must be following more precautions and taking care of health would be a very good idea.