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Council of Dads Episode 9 Release Date, and What We Can Expect ?

Another show churned out by the hit machine called NBC. The channel has successfully created some of the most engaging dramas in the past decade. The Council of Dads will definitely be one of them. It centers around the theme of parenting and the contribution of a father in the life of a child. It explores several themes like patriarchy and the role of men in a civil society. It is also a crude reminder that we lost in the world of abject feminism, have completely forgotten about the kind of contribution that a father has had in the life of a child.

Council of Dads Episode 9: Plot

In this episode, Luly will come to know that Anthony is her biological father. The way Luly handles the entire situation is commendable and praiseworthy. She does not panic or freak out on hearing the news but accepts the fact that she at last has a father. While on the other hand, Larry manages to make her daughter forgive him for his sins and looks to start afresh. He is making all the desperate efforts to bridge the gap in communication between him and his daughter.

He is also trying to strengthen the bond of relationship and love between them. In this episode, we know that a huge storm will arrive in the town. The Perry’s would need to relocate and shift to a different part of the country as the storm would destroy their house and livelihood if they stay there. As Luly’s letter publishes, her other siblings are quite startled upon discovering the fact that they too have a father. But how they would accept the entire situation and move on would definitely be very interesting to see.

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Council of Dads Episode 9: Release Date

Episode 9 of the show Council of Dads would be releasing on June 25, 2020, on NBC channel. The time slot will be decided according to the local standardized time.

Council of Dads Episode 9: Where to Watch?

We can watch the show only if we are subscribed to the NBC channel on our cable TV network. If you are interested to watch it on the OTT Platform, you can watch it Hulu and Direc Tv. Apart from the NBC online official website would also be giving live coverage of the show which will be done simultaneously along with the series at its usual time.

An emotional take on the role of father’s in life, this piece will make you emotional. This soothing storyline will make for a very comfortable watch.