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Coronavirus outbreak causing increased use of videogames in China!

Corona Virus outbreak has emptied the streets of China ! People are staying indoor to escape from the infection.

Usually January and February is a holiday period in China due to Lunar New year. Gamers in China usually have more time to play in this holiday period.

This year, due to Corona Virus outbreak, authorities have extended the Lunar New year holidays by three whole weeks in many places. This leave people with more time to pass.

Corona Virus first appeared in Wuhan, China in December. This virus has infected more than 59,000 people and 1300 are killed by fatal respiratory disease causes by It. Mainland China has been found with majority of the infection cases.

There are travel bans in many cities in China as well as people are restricted from going to work. Meanwhile there can be extension in holidays for next few weeks. Esports tournaments have been cancelled in all over China, leading people to stay indoors and play the video games at home.

There has been a notable rise in the downloads and purchase of the video games in this period.

According to market research firm Sensor Tower, this year total game downloads on Apple’s app store has increased by 27.5% as well as the revenue inflated by 12.1%.

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In response to Corona Virus outbreak , video game companies have made changes in their production and are releasing new games. Some of them even changed the structure of the games to free.

These days in China streets are empty; offices, schools, colleges are closed; social activities are avoided and travel is banned. People are just staying home and spending more time on their video games.