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Coronavirus Updates: US, Fight Against Virus What They Do Next

Coronavirus is spreading all over the world; it is a group of viruses that will only found in birds and mammals.

It causes you fever, cold, cough and also breathing problems. In this article, you will know the condition of the United States that is going on in the US for the cure and how many people are affected by it in the US and what are the important steps of government against the coronavirus.

As this virus is spreading very fast, its first case in the US has declared in the 21st of January in 2020 and these cases in the US are more than 1000 now.

There are 40 death occur in the US because of the coronavirus.

The US banned the entry for any citizen who has come from China or travel in it.

Many things and events are closed, canceled or postponed due to coronavirus, like school, colleges, offices are closed and many events are canceled.

This is not easy for any government or for any country to deal with a new disease, but there are few steps or plans by which the US government is taking against the coronavirus.

Prepared or not?

In 2019 January the whole world was warned by a committee of US that the whole world is going too suffered by disease and it could also give its effect to the economy.

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About the preparedness against this virus, the hospital association of the US said that our capacity is appreciated by seeing our care toward all people of US that are suffering from a virus.

Medical help

The vice president of the US declared to distribute the free test kit of that virus all over the US.

President Trump said they are there for their people and anybody needs a test, they get it.

The US government is trying their best to cure the people of the US of this hilarious disease.

What are the economic impacts?

The coronavirus also gives big impacts on the economy as money is continuously going for the cure of the people.

It leaves its impact on the cancel of events, the financial market, recession, and other things.

Spreading to the other countries

North America

Four people who traveled from the US test positive in coronavirus

Central and South America

2 people test positive after traveling from the US

Europe and Asia

3 people test positive after traveling from the US