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Coronavirus Threat Gulps Maryland: 778 Positive Cases and 11572 Cases Across the State

So, Another US state which has shown a pretty devastating scenario out there is “Maryland”.

Although, the US is in a huge turmoil as battling against this virus is something which is getting a more wild day by day.

The Current Scenario

The country is at #1 right now when it comes to victims who are considered to be positive with coronavirus. It has toppled in the number of positive victims who were there in China.

So, there are a number of states which are having a lot of ongoing cases and with a surprisingly huge number of victims are there. Maryland, one of the states of the United States has been showing a rapid growth in the fact that the whole thing has kind of become a disaster already.

The state has been getting thousands of victims over a month. The state has already confronted with 69 deaths from COVID-19. The state has made sure that the whole thing remains safe with that being said the state is making sure that most people could be able to stay out of it and also declare self-quarantine among the individuals to make sure that the whole thing remains checked.

Counties Which Are Most Affected??

There are a lot of counties which are affected by the whole thing and the state has successfully tracked the no. of victims they are having is something they have tracked. According to their experts, Prince George is the county which has got a strike pretty bad with 2966 positive cases and about 10 deaths.

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After that comes, Montgomery which has about 2280 victims and among 10 of them are dead. The counties which are least affected by the disease are Garrett and Howard Country with only one death.

So, it’s the situation of the place but the total sum of victims have gone to around 11,572 which is the main problem which the state has to fear.