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Coronavirus Pandemic: Forloughed Workers Didn’t Lag Behind and Offered Help

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has brought the mankind life to a standstill. Many of the countries have implemented lockdown to safeguard their citizens from the contagious virus and to break the vivacious cycle of the virus spread. And with a temporary stop in many industries and work field, many things are bearing consequences , which ultimately affects mankind. The world wide economic rate has gone down, shortage of necessity items for daily use due to panic buying and shortage in food supplies.

While many countries have or trying to find some solution to these problems raised due to lockdown, one nation has found a solution to the food shortage supply. The UK Government has set up some plans for the heavy demands for supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. Read to know more about their plans.

Why the Agriculture sector in the UK is affected? 

The agriculture sector of UK farms were affected way before the COVID -19 pandemic crisis. As per the reports, the farms were filled with around 60 – 70% of seasonal migrant labourers, who have left the fields due to the Brexit event. Most of the workers have fled the fields and never returned, which ultimately led to a huge gap of work to be done in fields.

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Now with the lockdown, almost none of the workers are showing up at the farms to harvest fruits and vegetables. This ultimately lead to a huge workload on farmers and the reason behind the shortage in supply of fresh vegetables and fruits.

UK Government urged millions of furloughed workers

To tackle this situation, the UK government has set up some campaigns to urge out to millions of furloughed workers to come forward and help in these tough times.

Around 4 million furloughed or permanent workers have not shown up to the fields since the announcement about the virus.

Government to Work With the Sector Specialists and Top Farmers

Alongside setting up and implementing many actions and plans to tackle the virus spread, UK Government has joined hands with many specialists to look into the matter and solve it. They are supposedly encouraging many seasonal workers to take up 2 – 3 shifts of job at same or some other fields. They are also making sure that certain precautioniary steps are taken and maintained.