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Coronavirus : Latest Update – Global Death Toll Exceeds 10,000 According To John Hopkins University!

According to John Hopkins University, Global death toll of cornovirus has been transcended 10,000.

John Hopkins University has been heaping up all the information about the Coronavirus Pandemic since the day it started in China. According to the latest report by John Hopkins University, there are more than 10,000 deaths worldwide due to COVID-19.

Coronavirus infection started at Wuhan, China in late 2019. Since then it has been rapidly spreading all over the world. Italy contributed huge to the global death toll by it’s death count on Friday. 627 deaths are recorded in Italy in One day. Italy surpassed China in mere three days.

There are total 11,271 deaths globally with 270,069 confirmed cases of the pandemic. Italy recorded total 4032 deaths with 47,021 cases of infection. China has not recorded new death today keeping the count of deaths to 3248.

Europe has become the centre of the spread of virus. Iran records 1433 deaths while Spain crossed 1000. There are almost 450 deaths in France while 205 in United States.

Many people recovered from the infection. Though recovery rate is much slower than the rate of spread. Least 86,000 patients have been recovered all over the world.

Nearly 184 countries have been affected by the COVID-19. Drastic measures are being taken in the affected countries. Social distancing is being practiced to stop or atleast cease the spread of the virus. All the malls, cafe’s, resturants, offices , schools and colleges are being shut to stop the virus. Medicines are being tested in clinical trials.

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