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Coronavirus: First Death From The Virus In Europe What You Need To Do

Coronavirus Antivirus
Coronavirus Antivirus

The deadly Coronavirus is growing at an alarming rate which recently claimed a life in France.

The first one outside Asia and the first death caused due to Coronavirus in Europe.

The victim was a Chinese tourist aged 80 years, who was found positive, infected with Coronavirus was hospitalized along with his daughter on January 25th.

The man came to France on the 16th of January and he belongs to Hubei, China where the virus broke out.

According to the hospital reports, his daughter is getting better and cured of the infection.

Coronavirus has already claimed thousands of lives around the globe and still a lot more are infected.

What Is Coronavirus? How It Spreads And Symptoms


The experts call it belongs to the Zoonotic category of viruses which can be spread from animals to humans.

Basically they are a large group of viruses found commonly in animals that can be lethal too.

The virus is most cases spreads through personal contact with an infected person.

It can spread through handshakes, even mild touching, or even touching on objects used by the infected person.

It even spreads through the air, like coughing or sneezing.

The most commonly found symptoms of Coronavirus include Intense Coughing, headaches and runny nose.

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Feeling unwell and falling sick more often, common cold and fever are some of the major symptoms of Coronavirus infection.

Precautions Which Can Be Taken

Coronavirus Treatment
Coronavirus Treatment

Wash your hands regularly and an alcohol-based cleaner is preferred.

Try to stay away from the people who are having a cough or sneeze.

Use masks and gloves when you have to be in an unhygienic environment.

Don’t be afraid and do a proper checkup if you feel like any of these symptoms are happening to you.

Prevention is always better than cure and stays safe.

Spreading Havoc All Over The World

Taking the case of France, 12 people were confirmed to be infected by the Coronavirus. 44 cases were recorded in the whole of Europe.

More than 65000 people around the globe were found positive, infected by the virus and it already took more than 1500 lives.

China, from where the disease originated, is the most affected nation and other parts of Asia too.

Social media is a powerful tool that can be used to make people aware of the preventive measures to be taken and the seriousness of the issue.

Kindly don’t spread any false or fake news regarding the disease or the virus.