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Coronavirus Cases in Vermont Approaching Towards a Plateau : Vermont Official

Along with this pandemic spread in all over the World, there’s something new for you.
On Monday, Vermont officials said that count of new coronavirus cases is seen to be dropped because of the continuation of social distancing. The new cases in Vermont appears to become less. This situation is seen as a good news but risk can increase if people do not maintain social distance. Ministers in Vermont are observing that if this situation is only temporary or really permanent.

What Did the Governer Says to This ?

The Gov. Phil Scott claimed that situation in Vermont seems as if a plateau. But even after this, he requested people to stay at their homes and maintain social distancing. He also said that situation is currently stable but it isn’t sure if it’s just a trend or will stay permanent now. He said we don’t know if this is a pattern or reality, we haven’t met the peak yet. So best option is to still get locked in the houses and remain safe as much as possible.

Word by the Health Commisioner

The health commissioner, that is, Mark Levine gave advice to people to cover their mouth and nose with mask. He said there’s a greater risk if people failed to execute this. The health officials are trying their best to invent tests and vaccines for coronavirus. The tests will help in getting to know that who requires medicines immediately. Health officials urged people to stay at home to stay safe.

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The current situation is appearing as if cases have gone down in Vermont but ministers are waiting for reality check. Ministers do not want to dishearten themselves by being too happy about it. Advice like social distance is followed in the city currently too for good results.