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Coronavirus Can Travel on Shoes

The spread of coronavirus has led to the government releasing guidelines related to social distancing under which people have to keep a safe distance of at least six feet from each other but according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that the coronavirus can spread in the air up to a distance of 13 feet from the patient and also can travel with shoes of the people. A study published in the federal agency’s Emerging Infectious Diseases journal shows that the virus is more contagious than the official suggestion as the virus can spread on people’s shoes.

About the research conducted:

According to the study conducted from Feb. 19 to March 2, 2020, the virus was found to be present on the floor of the ICU unit in a hospital in Wuhan, China and also was also present on the soles of healthcare professionals. The researcher found that about half of the health-care professionals who were working in intensive care units carried the virus on the soles of their shoes. The floor of the pharmacy on which only health care workers travelled and not the infected patient was found to be 100% positive rate for the virus.

The soles of the medical staff shoes might function as a carrier of the coronavirus. Thus now the healthcare workers have been advised to disinfect the shoes after walking out of the wards containing COVID-19 patients. The sample of the virus was also found on the floors, computer mice, trash cans and sickbed handrails.

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How can the shoes be disinfected:

There is no particular advisory related to how to disinfect the shoes. But there are several other methods present on the internet about how to disinfect the shoes. A nurse video went viral on TikTok in which she told about her disinfectant routine, which included placing shoes in bleach overnight. Shoes made of fabrics as mesh or canvas can be washed in the washing machine. The United Kingdom’s National Health Service has recommended washing fabrics at a high temperature (140°F) with a product containing disinfectant. CDC has advised to use a mixture of 70% alcohol and water to disinfect their shoes.