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Amid of coronavirus outbreak: Australia lockdown will last for upto six months

On Monday Australia has started to shut down pubs, clubs, gyms, cafe, houses of worship after the rise in COVID 19 cases in Sydney and in other parts of Australia.

However, after thousands of disregarded social distancing advice and people are not taking this pandemic seriously so, the six months lockdown is to be followed in the country from Monday. Whereas, in the South-eastern states of Victoria and New South Wales are witnessing the high number of corona cases in the country.

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison told in parliament last Monday morning that there will be complete lockdown in the country, no more going to a pub after work, no more sitting down in cafes and no more public gathering.

The leaders in the country are stating that this is the toughest time for the world and Australia.  A big challenge to the economy and health also they have warned Australia to prepare for a great economic crisis.

The local authorities are closing the public places, to disperse the crowd amid a warm autumn spell, only the café and cafes will service for home delivery. The supermarkets, pharmacies, Freight and retails will be open to continue trade. Due to the impact of coronavirus, the benchmark index will plunge more than eight percent which will be extra A$66.4 billion. This package requires parliamentary approval, while many states in the country are taking significant measures by announcing sealing borders in the south and west Australia.

School may reopen in New South Wales but parents are not ready to send their children to school in this situation. In the neighboring country of Australia, a state of Papua New Guinea has already declared emergency in difficulty after the country is been affecting the high risks of coronavirus outbreak.

The small island country Guam, and American island country Micronesia as reported first coronavirus case.


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