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Coronavirus Death Toll In Usa Reaches 1000 As Number Of Cases Passes China

As Coronavirus is increasing day by day rapidly, it has reached a stage where we haven’t imagined. now the death toll in the USA has passed china. All the world had taken a pause,  it seems. It is continuously tracking people and the total cases had reached 532,263 cases where the number of deaths is recorded as 24,090 with approx 1,24,349 recovery cases. 3.83.824 cases under which approx 95 percent are recorded as mild and the rest 5 percent as serious. ALL eyes have turned to the development of a vaccine that could treat this pandemic. This has spread to 18 countries. More than 5,00,000 cases have been recorded and in the UNITED STATES,  the death toll has reached 1000 which has approx 330 million population.


According to the reports, a shortage of masks and carelessness of the US citizens had invited this deadly virus. People were blind to realize the impact of it and not taking Jr seriously which led to such a huge number of deaths.

ANTHONY  FAUCI,  the director of NATIONAL DISEASES AND ALLERGY,  states that vaccine is being developed to cure this disease,  phase 1 trials have proceeded but will take months. Though,  scientists are doing their best to achieve this as soon as possible.

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G 20

the leader LG group of 20 major economies will inject 5 trillion dollars for the people who have been suffering from COVID-19

It is said that the US had dropped more economic pressure on IRAN by putting fresh rounds of sanctions on more than 12 IRANIAN citizens. It requires huge expectations for humanity including food,  medicine, and proper care to help IRAN flight against this pandemic disease.